The Neighborhood

Written by:
Matthew Betley
Narrated by:
George Newbern

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
8 hours 45 minutes
“Die Hard in a gated community.”—Chris Hauty, national bestselling author of Deep State and Storm Rising

From the critically acclaimed author of Overwatch and other titles in the Logan West Thriller series, comes a can’t-miss, brand-new thriller that proves Matthew Betley is the modern master of the unputdownable page-turner.

It was supposed to be just another ordinary night …

What happens when your neighborhood harbors a secret so destructive that dangerous men are willing to kill for it?

Welcome to Hidden Refuge, a normal American subdivision full of normal American suburbanites. At least that’s what the citizens thought before men impersonating police officers show up on their doorsteps in the middle of the night. Once the entire community is under siege, so begins a long, dark night that will prove to be anything but ordinary.

But Zack Chambers, suburban family man and programmer by trade, has his own secret. One he had dearly hoped that he’d never need to use again. The deadly ex–CIA agent and trained operative plots to take back the night, doing whatever it takes to protect his neighborhood.

In the face of a small army of trained killers, he’s got his wits, his babysitter, his equally lethal brother, and a ragtag group of neighbors willing to help.

Action-packed and relentless with twists and turns and old scores to be settled, this propulsive and brilliantly plotted can’t-miss thriller brings a shocking end you won’t see coming. Fans of Matthew Betley’s trademark blend of gritty realism and edge-of-your-seat action will be delighted.
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Pamela K.

This was offered as a monthly special so I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was kept on my toes. The concept was unusual, and the story was well written. The narrator was easy to understand and engaging I loved it!

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Wendi C.

Between the words that the Author wrote, and the ability of the Narrator to breathe life into the words, the Reader can see and hear and smell this story with vivid clarity! It was engaging and fast paced, from the very start! Highly recommend!

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Chris H.

Well written good descriptions, creates a good picture in your mind.

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What a fantastic book, starts of with a bang and didn't ever seen to stop! I absolutely loved the narrating as well, perfect voice for this story. I want more!!!

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Philip H.

This book would make an exciting movie, with lots of action and good and bad guys. The reason for 4 stars is because the main plot is predictable. The background story of the main character would have made a much more interesting main plot.

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Carol C.

Excellent read- unique theme

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Gayle D.

WOW...just finished reading this story. I was blown away. The book is so intelligently written, I have never read this author, but I love the way he tells a story. The narration was prefect, it draws you in and allows you to feel the story. Highly recommend!

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So bland and boring, no tension or build up. Bad guys come good guy walks all over them without a single worry or concern. The unbearable and imaginary description of any person that’s part of the military or cia as a superhero, infallible and experts in anything, with an absolute desire to do ‘good’ ( besides some bad apples but they too are just over the top superhumans). The protagonist is constantly praised and never in any danger and makes you realise what good storytelling is and what isn’t! Embarrassing to compare this to die hard lol

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Sharon H.

This book was just ok for me

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Robert R.

Good listen! Good story and excellent narration.

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Aletha E.

I loved this book. It's action-packed and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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Deanna M.

I’m surprise that this book had good reviews. The majority of it is pop-culture references and brand name calling, it’s trying way too hard. I don’t need to know what brand of sweatshirt somebody is wearing. It’s cheesy and I can’t get past the first hour.

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Yolanda V.

Great story and narration.

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Joy S.

This was my VIP book for the month and I was very pleased . Often I am not impressed but the story was good as was the narration. It offered lots of interesting details and action.

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Alicia C.

Great story! Couldn’t stop listening!

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Loved this book! The characters, the action; didn’t want to stop listening! The narrator did a wonderful job as well!!

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Sharon H.

this was fast moving and not predictable

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Ashley K.

Highly recommend! I wasn’t sure about the book, but super glad I gave it the chance it deserves.

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William Troyk

Great book. kept you interested through entire book.

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Tami L.

Loved the story, snd reader was awesome!!

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I’m his is a very good book! I like that he’s a normal family man with a loving family, and not some angst-ridden, troubled soul looking for redemption. This story unfolds at a fast pace, believable with a satisfactory ending. Might there be a new series in the works? I follow Jack Reacher, James Reese, Joe Pickett, Jake Brigance, and others. I’ll find time for Zach if he has more to his story!

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Greg F.

Probably the worst book I’ve ever come across. Every other description includes a brand name, and characters are cartoonish at best. Narrator is easy to listen to, but I wish I had stopped listening after the first few minutes. A simply awful book.

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Thomas S.

great book !

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Jane W.

chapter6 repeats then the narration muffles

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Excellent thrill ride. Loved all the details

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