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Not Even If You Begged Me: JAKE COCKER

Not Even If You Begged Me: JAKE COCKER

Written by:
Faleena Hopkins
Narrated by:
Faleena Hopkins
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2016
5 hours 11 minutes
Not Even If You Begged Me, Book 1 in Cocker Brothers, Jake Cocker:

Jake's seeking a new roommate in Atlanta. He expected a guy to show up for the interview, but a snarky female arrives instead. Drew won't take no for an answer, and he's never met someone like her before. Even though there are secrets where Drew's been staying, and she needs a way out, living with sizzling Jake Cocker might be the worst idea ever. So um...keys, please?

'...this series is a must read.' - A Readers Review Site Blog

'I stumbled across this little nugget thanks to a new Goodreads group I joined for fellow Kindle Unlimited readers and thank goodness, because this book was amazing!!! And there is an entire series featuring 6 brothers!!!!' - TVAddictedBookworm Blog

'Each features a different member of the same family, all intertwined in fun ways where one story pays off in another family member's book. It's sold over half-a-million books, and is a very fun read.' - Fupping Magazine
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