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One can learn easily when there is an atmosphere of freedom and friendship: Four Talks with Students Rajghat, India, 1965

Written by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Narrated by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
4 hours 53 minutes
1. Why are you being educated? - 1 December 1965

Duration: 75 minutes

• What is the function of education?

• Q: Some people say that we must live now and others say that we must be

concerned further, beyond the present.

• Q: Can man really be human without any effort?

• Q: What is the difference between affection and love?

• Q: How am I to know that I am bad? How am I to improve?

• Q: Why does nature attract us?

2. You can understand yourself very simply when you are quiet - 4 December 1965

Duration: 71 minutes

• When you are really quiet, alone with yourself, you begin to know yourself and

to see the intricacies of your mind.

• Q: Why does the mind get disturbed when it is in a state of revolt and how can it

quieten down?

• Q: Is communication possible in all conditions?

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Copyright © 1965, Krishnamurti Foundation of America


• Q: When we say anything that is a bit alternative to what our elders think, we

are stopped. There is great tension between us. Will you say what we should do

about it?

• Q: What is humanity and when can a man be called a human being?

• Q: Is our way of life right?

• Q: You have said that we must have a quiet mind and at the same time you said

that disturbance is inevitable.

• Q: What is the importance of spirituality in the life of a human being?

• Q: How does evil come about?

3. Why does one have to have order in life? - 7 December 1965

Duration: 74 minutes

• You can learn easily when there is an atmosphere of freedom and friendship,

a sense of happiness. That is denied when you are compelled. Compulsion is not

righteous behaviour.

• Q: What is the foundation of religion?

• Q: Why does a man want success in life?

• What are you going to be when you grow up?

• Q: When bad thoughts come to our mind and we want to suppress them, even

more bad thoughts come to our mind. Why is that?

• Q: How is one to keep happy and engaged, without external stimuli?

• Q: The other day you said that we should never seek advice - but why do you

give us advice?

• Q: Have you realised the things that you talk about? Is your mind free from

ambition and all those things?

• Q: How can a man progress in his own life?

• Q: Man is more inclined towards bad than good - why it is so?

4. To understand death we must understand living - 10 December 1965

Duration: 75 minutes

• When you really love something, you put your whole heart, mind and body

into that.

• Is there a living without pain, anxiety or fear?

• Q: When a man improves, why do other people feel jealous of him?

• Q: How long will it take for national frontiers to disappear?

• Q: When man knows death is necessary, why doesn’t he love it?

• Q: What is the definition of life?

• Q: Sometimes we want to die, commit suicide - why is that?

• Q: It is said that the soul is immortal. Where was it when there was nothing?
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