The Only Good Indians

Written by:
Stephen Graham Jones
Narrated by:
Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
9 hours 3 minutes

From USA TODAY bestselling author Stephen Graham Jones comes a “masterpiece” (Locus Magazine) of a novel about revenge, cultural identity, and the cost of breaking from tradition. Labeled “one of 2020’s buzziest horror novels” (Entertainment Weekly), this is a remarkable horror story that “will give you nightmares—the good kind of course” (BuzzFeed).

From New York Times bestselling author Stephen Graham Jones comes a novel that is equal parts psychological horror and cutting social commentary on identity politics and the American Indian experience. Fans of Jordan Peele and Tommy Orange will love this story as it follows the lives of four American Indian men and their families, all haunted by a disturbing, deadly event that took place in their youth. Years later, they find themselves tracked by an entity bent on revenge, totally helpless as the culture and traditions they left behind catch up to them in a violent, vengeful way.
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Stephen D.

This was the first and only book I would call bad thus far. The narrator I don't think is bad. The book is written poorly and doesn't make the mind wonder or want to come back. I have tried to just finish the book several times and I hate I go to each time.

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Tori H.

I thought it was the writing that is a little hard to get. So I went ahead and downloaded the book sample from Amazon. It turned out the narrator's voice and reading style makes it so hard to focus on the story. It's just my personal opinion.

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Drew B.

Not good book boring

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Carol S.

Great story (even for someone who cares little about basketball and/or other sports). The ending got me super choked up. Narrator wasn't my favourite, but the voice still pulled me in. Definitely recommend!

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David W.

I love this book…one of my favorites!

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Heather C.

I couldn't maintain interest in the story after interesting characters kept dying. But the narrator was amazing!! He could speak the dialect for the different groups of people. He also did well using a suspenseful tone.

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David J.

I found this story very engaging, and the characters were extremely relatable. The narrator did a great job and was very easy to listen to.

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Crystal S.

I couldn’t finish. I restarted multiple times trying to figure out what was actually going on. I liked the narrator though and the main reason I kept trying to get into it

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Penny S.

I really didn't care for this book at all. It was just weird.

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William M.

Very cool premise and engaging characters.

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Sunita K.

Amazing. Very unique and well written.

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Tuomo L.

One of the best audio books I have enjoyed. More mystic and full of legends to me than straightforward horror. But that is fine. Excellent writing and narration. Gonna go and dive to this pool more and more. Damn excited to find this book and this writer.

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Very interesting story, well worth your time. I think the narrator was perfect as well

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Aimee V.

Brilliant adaptation of the legend of Deer Woman and Native concepts of mythic time as layered cyclical events. Narrator provides a sincere and compelling interpretation of the book.

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Amber L.

interesting story, I like the narrator better than the book itself.

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I loved this book. Could not stop listening

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