Only You Can Be You: 21 Days to Making Your Life Count

Written by:
Erik Rees
Narrated by:
Greg Whalen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
7 hours 48 minutes
If you desire clarity and confidence in your life, travel with Rees on this 21-day journey to living the life you were meant to live and experiencing the freedom you long for. Simple, yes! Challenging, yes! If you feel frustrated with trying to find your purpose in life, Rees reminds you of your uniqueness before God. He further directs you in maximizing your time on Earth.  This audiobook will challenge, empower, focus, inspire, and touch us all, wherever we are in our spiritual walk. Discover the abundant life God has designed you to have. Erik Rees is not only challenging you to make your life count, but offering you the opportunity to connect with him daily so he can help you. The audiobook you hold in your hands is way more than words . . . it’s an interactive life coaching experience! For the next three weeks of your life you have the wonderful opportunity to connect daily with pastor and life purpose expert Erik Rees through listening, video coaching, podcasts, and daily encouragements. Don’t miss this opportunity! Sign up today online ( for the Only You Can Be You 21 Day Connection and make your life truly count!  Insert disc 7 to access a PDF with discussion questions and help in assessing your God-given tools .
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