Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan

Written by:
Sean Parnell , John Bruning
Narrated by:
Ray Porter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
10 hours 18 minutes
A riveting story of American fighting men, Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell’s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division’s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band of Brothers or We Were Soldiers Once and Young for the early 21st century—an action-packed, highly emotional true story of enormous sacrifice and bravery.

A magnificent account of heroes, renegades, infidels, and brothers, it stands with Sebastian Junger’s War as one of the most important books to yet emerge from the heat, smoke, and fire of America’s War in Afghanistan.
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Liam o

Great book and very well read

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jason s

Nicely done book. A powerful story of how men deal with combat and the weight of why men fight.

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mark kingan

this book is great.. love to see it as a movie

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Luis H.

Wow is the only thing that coming to mind! A must read!

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Michael E.

While not the best written book ever this dark story is gripping enough to get you to the end. It sheds a lot of light on some of the real struggles for soldiers in this time and place.

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Jason S

This is a powerful story. The hard part about war, is that war is hard to listen to. Most people feel that the whole world is like the United States and will not listen to the facts of how the rest of the world is truly evil. This story is on truly heroic men that fought for the freedoms that we all take for granted. When you listen to this book your heart and mind will be rocked, and you will find yourself thinking about it for days afterwards, maybe longer. Thank you to the men of the outlaw platoon for doing what they did.

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Fernando I

A powerful narration of incredible courage and dedication. Fernando Irueste.

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Michael Wolfman

Awesome book. Brave men.

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Alan Nelson

Wow! Well written and well read. A powerful story that I could not stop listening to. It has tender moments ,horrific stories that shock, and a story of self reflecting leadership. A military education that thankfully so many of us do not have to experience. Thanks for bringing the story to us.

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Michael Bell

Great and very realistic read . I would love to listen to more stuff like this!! Excellently read!

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Robert Oshrin

Action , gore War is undescrible how one goes on after they see what the see is unbelievable my hats off to the brotherhood Book was a little slow and then blew me away

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