Owls Well That Ends Well

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Unabridged Audiobook

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October 2016
9 hours 0 minutes
Meg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought. But she wasn't thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house's eccentric previous owner, Edwina Sprocket. The easiest solution: hold the end-all and be-all of gigantic yard sales. But when the event attracts the late Miss Sprocket's money-hungry heirs, the over-enthusiastic supporters of some endangered barn owls, and customers willing to go to any lengths to uncover a hidden treasure, Meg suspects things have gotten a little out of hand. Then an antiques dealer is found stuffed in a trunk with his head bashed in-and the yard sale turns into a day's-long media circus.
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Athena Maelynn S

I adore all of Donna Andrew's books, the characters are fabulous, the narrator is a joy to listen to and you can listen to them with anybody! Truly good books.

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