Pax Romana: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Rome during the Roman Peace Period

Pax Romana: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Rome during the Roman Peace Period

Written by:
Captivating History
Narrated by:
Colin Fluxman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
4 hours 23 minutes
Did you know that the biggest territorial expansion in ancient Rome took place during the reign of its first emperor, who also ruled the longest out of all of the rulers prior to the fall of the Western Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire reached its zenith within the first two centuries of the fall of the Roman Republic, expanding its territory and spreading its influence well beyond the borders of Europe. During that time, a sort of global peace was achieved, which historians call the Pax Romana. But what exactly is the Pax Romana, and how does one delve into this huge, ever-expanding subject?

Like many other segments of Roman history, the Pax Romana is riddled with murky areas, contradictory information from contemporary sources, and fascinating archaeological finds. In this book, you’ll discover what made Rome tick during those roughly two hundred years of relative peace.

Throughout the pages of this tome, you’ll get brief glimpses of the reigns of many emperors who made the Pax Romana into what it was. Discover the Pax Romana’s long-term effects and how it managed to cement the Roman Empire as the go-to empire for many later civilizations to try and emulate.

Among other things, you’ll gain new knowledge on the following facts:

- How the empire evolved from the former republic and who the men were that brought about the changes
- What made the reign of each emperor unique
- Who the best emperors during the Pax Romana were, and which ones were considered the worst
- What role the provinces and territorial expansion played in the growth and development of the empire
- How the imperial Romans were stratified
- What societal changes came about with the abolition of the republic and the return to a monarchic model

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