Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want

Written by:
Dave Lakhani
Narrated by:
Dave Lakhani

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2011
4 hours 59 minutes
The outcome of most persuasive events is determined before you ever say a word. People may know how to sell, but most were never taught how to persuade. Persuasion expert Dave Lakhani breaks down the process into easy-to-use steps, teaching the listener not only how to persuade, but the biology and psychology behind it as well.

Persuasion is key to every aspect of sales, marketing, and negotiations. This audiobook reveals today's most effective persuasion techniques for business professionals, which can easily be applied to their personal lives as well.

Though the techniques are similar, Lakhani draws a hard line between persuasion and manipulation, with the primary distinction being intent. True persuasion is based in truth, honesty and inquisitiveness, and the ability to tell a powerful story and to meet the expectations of those one is trying to persuade. Good persuasion is a practiced art - so Lakhani gives the listener:

A map for the persuasive process

Persuasion tools and instructions for use

17 persuasion tactics to instantly persuade

The Persuasion Equation

The Six Tenets of Persuasion

Steps to becoming an expert in just 30 days

Quick Persuaders: tools to use every day

Citing the opinions of noted neuroscientists, psychologists, and influence professionals, and featuring examples of persuasion at work in sales, copywriting, advertising, negotiations, and personal interactions, this audiobook supports its theories and shows how to get a message through the electronic clutter facing decision-makers today.
The listener will learn to layer on tactic after tactic to methodically and effectively break down natural resistance, increase the emotions of acceptance and desire, and move the prospect to the right outcome: the outcome the listener desires.
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Laura Johnson

Very interesting and useful information on persuasion. Only distaste is in the reinforcement of gender roles subtly played into the text. Male pronouns used in roles of accomplishing persuasion and successful business moves. Female pronouns used for naming someone difficult or who you're working to persuade in personal life.

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Lots of really good, but obvious advice. The author should have taken his own advice and hired someone else to read the book for him though.

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Pamela A.

EXACTLY the same as Subliminal Persuasion by the same author. Picked this up as my free book. I would have been really annoyed if I had paid for this book with a credit. A few snippets of useful advise but no I will not be listening to this one again. Very repetitive.

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okay book. Kinda disappointed how the author didn't focus on the cult premises.

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Vicki W.

Slooowwww story. Narrator speaks soo sloooowwwly. I was bored stiff

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The books contend were great and full of tips and knowledge. However I did find the narrator a bit mechanical. Still a great book! Highly recommend it.

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Jodie F.

Great so far!

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Mollen Maswanganyi

This is a phenomenal book on the topic I learnt so much valuable lessons.

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