Pink Moon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
5 hours 59 minutes
Katherine Fairfield isn’t a typical woman—or a typical witch. Once upon a time, she worked as an agent for Hex Support, a secret division within the Federal Bureau of Magic. Following the tragic death of her husband, she quit to focus on raising their twins. Now the kids are in college, and Kit spends her days at the enchanted family estate known as Dark Hollow along with her two younger sisters and a sanctuary of forgotten familiars. But then duty calls. Kit has no interest in returning to her previous life, but her former boss makes her an offer she can’t refuse. A prominent supernatural socialite has been murdered in Savannah, and Hex Support could really use the talents of a Fairfield witch to crack the case. Begrudgingly, Kit dusts off her badge and heads to Savannah, where she meets the suspects—as well as a mysterious vampire known only as Palmer, who seems to know far more than he should. As Kit closes in on the killer, she’s forced to call upon magical skills she’s long ignored and face the reality of her new life. Will she retreat into the dark recesses of her sanctuary and let a killer go free, or will the Green Witch rise to the challenge and remind the supernatural world who’s boss?
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I enjoyed the concept for Pink Moon and will probably read more in the series. The writing could have been a little tighter. Whenever the author tells me what the main character is hearing, it throws me out of the story a little bit. I felt like the clues were difficult to decipher. That can be a good sign for a mystery—or it could mean that I couldn't pick up on them as well on audio as reading it on the page. This is only my second audio book, and I'm not sure it's the best venue of reading for me. I thought the narrator did a good job. But I still have a hard time with women doing male voice and the opposite of men doing female voiced—it just doesn't sound right to me so it's harder to immerse myself in the story. Because of my inexperience with audio books, I bumped my rating up to account for my possible prejudice.

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