Practical Steps to Think and Grow Rich - The Secret Revealed: Format for Busy People

Written by:
Napoleon Hill
Narrated by:
Napolean Hill

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2015
8 hours 44 minutes
Success seems to come easy for some people. They live in luxurious homes, send their children to the best schools, drive fancy cars, travel around the world, and still have resources available to help their loved ones and contribute to the communities in which they live. They are no brighter or better educated than you. They do not work any harder than you do. They do not sacrifice their lives to earn a living; on the contrary, they earn more than enough to fully enjoy their lives.
What is their secret?

Welcome to Practical Steps to Think & Grow Rich, The Secret Revealed, by Napoleon Hill.

The principles and secrets for success are listed in the beginning of each chapter making theinformation clear, inviting, and accessible; an approach that reveals the secret to thinking and growing rich without making you search for it.
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Propaganda for American exceptionalism, written at a time of racial segregation and yet stating all Americans are free to do as they wish. States that freedom is given by capitalism and only capitalism. From listening to this book, it is easy to see where it all went wrong for the USA.

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Good book with practical advice, but I didn't see if this advice work. I will try one more time. :)

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Michael S.

designed to make one reflect and process one's habits, this book is predicated on assumptions based in conjecture and anticdotal evidence passed off as proven fact.

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