The Professional Yoga Teacher's Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Current and Aspiring Instructors?Set Your Intention, Develop Your Voice, and Build Your Career

Written by:
Sage Rountree
Narrated by:
Sage Rountree

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
8 hours 5 minutes
There’s so much more to teaching yoga than doing yoga—from building a relationship with a studio (or opening your own) to navigating client relationships, publicizing classes, and avoiding burnout. Sage Rountree has been training yoga teachers for over a decade, and she’s heard the same concerns over and over: How can I help my students best? How can I keep my teaching fresh? How can I make smart choices around my schedule, my money, and the next steps in my career? The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook speaks directly to these concerns in a warm, friendly voice—boosting teachers’ confidence in their ability to construct a heartfelt, balanced class, and to build a career that suits them. Rountree includes stories from her own experience, journal prompts, and thoughtful exercises to help aspiring yoga teachers discern their path, and to provide current yoga teachers with much-desired continuing education. This is the book every yoga teacher needs!
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