Project Personality

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
7 hours 0 minutes
Hope Chambers has a major problem. She's spent the entirety of her four years of high school focusing on being perfect-perfect grades, perfect extracurriculars, perfect essays-to the point that she forgot to get a life. And now she's perfectly boring.

She's got exactly two weeks before her admissions interview for MIT to spice up her life and get a personality, dammit. And she knows exactly who can help her: soccer star and Mr. Popularity himself, Landon Watkins. But how does a nerdy, socially awkward girl ask the most charismatic guy in school to help her become interesting?

Saving his life in the school cafeteria is a pretty good start.

No one is more surprised than Hope when Landon agrees to help her. But what he proposes they do takes her so far out of her shell, she's practically in a different ocean. And when she starts falling for the last guy she ever expected to, it has her second-guessing every decision she's ever made . . .
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