Property Investing Made Simple - 7 Tips to Reduce Investment Property Risk and Create Real Wealth!

Written by:
Andrew Crossley
Narrated by:
Alan Long , Dave Stokes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
5 hours 6 minutes
Plan! Strategize! Build wealth!
Be proactive in your quest to live the life you dream of.
Holding three Masters' Degrees and a qualified Financial Planner, Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Broker, Estate Agent and Property Advisor, Andrew Crossley of the Australian Property Advisory Group, has launched his powerful blueprint for Property Investment success.
Learn how to understand what you're really buying, and dodge the traps of spruikers and their dreaded up-sell techniques. Understand property, contract and loans types, savings that can be made on taxation, and how to avoid the pitfalls of rental property investment before you make the purchase. Get to know the rationale behind out-performing suburbs and many different strategies, and wonder why nobody ever explained to you that there is a process.
"Becoming wealthy is a process," Andrew says. "You need to follow proven strategies. No matter your age or current circumstances, make the decision to start investing wisely today."
BONUS tip included and FREE access to my interviews with other industry experts.
Property Investing Made Simple is all about lowering risk when it comes to property investment, arming yourself with the information you need to take away your fears, and reduce the impact investing can have on your lifestyle.
Through Andrew's six-step program, you can build a better future for yourself starting today!
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Absolutely loved this Audiobook. As a fellow Aussie real estate investor I really appreciate your efforts mate. Thank you so much for this valuable information Andrew

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