Rainbow Six

Written by:
Tom Clancy
Narrated by:
Michael Prichard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2010
36 hours 0 minutes
Over the course of nine novels, Tom Clancy's genius for big, compelling plots and his natural narrative gift have mesmerized hundreds of millions of readers and established him as one of the preeminent storytellers of our time. Rainbow Six, however, goes beyond anything he has done before.

At its heart is John Clark, the ex-Navy SEAL of Without Remorse, a master of secret operational missions, and newly named the head of an international task force dedicated to combating terrorism. Clark is looking forward to sinking his teeth into a new mission, but the opportunities start coming faster than anyone could have expected; an incident at a Swiss bank, the kidnapping of an international trader in Germany, a  terrible raid on an amusement park in Spain.

Each episode seems separate, yet the timing disturbs Clark.  Is there a connection?  He tries to figure out where all this activity is heading, but there is no way to predict the real threat: a group of terrorists like none the world has ever encountered, a group so extreme that their success could literally mean the end of life on this earth as we know it.
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Michael K

All good listening. The book content is pure Tom Clancy and narrator did well. Worth a listen.

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Corey H

I love this book but the narrator is a bad for for this book. It's extremely quiet, he is very monotone for an exciting story and the way he reads really pulls you out of the story. I was very disappointed that I paid for this.

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Richard F

Typically Clancy, leaving you hanging until the action packed ending

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Joseph P.

Riveting. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve listened /read 100’s of books and this is by far my favorite. I’m sad to see it come to an end. I’ve listened to this over the past few weeks and found that I could hardly wait to get to my car or desk to continue. Clancy is a master story teller. Wow.

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Michael T.

Love Tom Clancy and I have all the books to read and starting to collect them in audio. Great book but the narrator reading was a little choppy. It was in short bursts rather than a smooth reading which became a bit distracting at times.

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Robert Garcia

Awesome story, the narrator was great also, the characters were well developed and I was satisfied with the ending.

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Tim puyear

Great book Interesting plot. Fun character development Enjoyed the style and pacing of the narration

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Tim Fant

i thought the book was good but like some of the other post here i think the guy reading this book was very flat and not able to come across in each character. the book ended in the middle of it all, is there another book that finishes this story? Tim F

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Andrew Soliz

story hard to follow and the reader very mono tone. top heavy details but makes you get lost in the story.

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clifton cruse

The book is amazing love Tom Clancy's attention to top tear operations, I my self being from seal team 3, bring me back down range again, by narrator is kinda flat

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Rick O

Horrible. I really enjoyed Clancy's longer, more serious books. I've read The Hunt for Red October several times, and have worked my way through pretty much the entire Ryanverse. This series is not in any way nearly as good as the Ryanverse books. It's just a testosterone silly-fest. (Which is too bad, as I enjoy the John Clark and Ding Chavez characters.)

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Quite honestly this book bored the living daylights out of me. It seemed to be written as an afterthought, alot of scenes starting seemingly from the middle rather than the beginning. Didn't seem to have a flow of events. Only at the 4th CD did the story start making any sense at all. Couldn't wait for it to be over.

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I've heard its a great book but it didn't come through well on cd. It felt more simple than his other books. Everything was very easy and straightforward. I also felt very little excitement for the characters. Its fun, and better than the radio, but if I had to do it over again, I'd go for a different one.

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One of my favorite Clancy books, too bad the disks were in such bad shape - missed several tracks throughout.

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Another good book by Tom Clancy. John Clark & Ding are some of my favorite characters in Tom's books.

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It started slow but got more excited later on. Overall not bad.

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The action started right away. Looking forward to the next Tom Clancy book.

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Well read, but the writing wasn't up to the dialogue quality that one finds in a true Clancy book. I think the problem lies in books written by others for writers, I know Clancy and Ludlum are doing this, and honestly while the stories are interesting, the writing is just not as good. Nonetheless, an enjoyable listen. Where is spell check when you need it?

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Steve Guziec

I'm a huge Clancy Fan. So I thought hearing this book abr would mean I would miss all the details and depth.... NOPE! The reader did a great job! I'm sure I missed a good lot of the side story but hey it's on tape... cd whatever. It's a great story! I listened to it @ work; it was like watching a movie in my head. I did not want it to stop!! GREAT BOOK!!! A MUST LISTEN TO!!

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This book seemed a lot better on paperback. There is something about the character development that lacks on this audio abridged version. I was really disappointed; this was one of my favorite paperbacks.

Rainbow Six
This title is due for release on December 7, 2010.

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Rainbow Six
This title is due for release on December 7, 2010
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Rainbow Six
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Rainbow Six

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