The Raven

Written by:
Edgar Allan Poe
Narrated by:
Michael Scott

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2009
0 hours 11 minutes
This poem tells the tale of an old man alone in his home who is visited by a raven, proclaiming that his beloved will return to him nevermore.
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Rick S.

I love The Raven. This narration of it was terrible!

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Miss Cazzy Bee

Very well read by the narrator. The poem itself is a classic. I’m glad I have heard it but can’t say I’d listen again.

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Uncle Joe

This was one of my favorite poems of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s very mysterious.

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Angela L.

love the book can't go wrong with Edgar Allan Poe as for the reader he was pretty good

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Tanya C

The narration was mediocre at best until they decided to add an echo effect on the word Nevermore at which point it became so bad that it was almost comical and lost all of the macabre tone intended by Poe. A sad production of one of my favorite poems. I am looking forward to purchasing the Vincent Price version, which will be excellent.

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Francesca A.

Thought provoking

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It was just ok, not the chewing fingernails story I remembered hearing

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Well done!

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Carolyn Wells

A very good read would highly recommend it to everyone.

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Good narration, not my favourite book though.

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Marie L.

Terrible narration

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Stephan Lindkvist

A wonderful poem, but the narrator and the editing did it no justice at all

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Jessica P

I will have to start by saying that the narrator of this EPICALLY MORBIDLY BRILLIANT piece of literature was IMPECCABLE to say the least, and The Raven is a complex and intricate PEEK into the Oh so clever and ABSOLUTELY PERPLEXED, by the onset of insanity, of the WARPED MIND of the GREAT poet Edgar Allen Poe! The EXTREMELY descriptive and grammatically erratic writing style of this poem will have you caught in your own mind and dissecting word by word for an "ABSOLUTE" Conclusion that NEVER existed!! You just CANNOT NOT TIRED OF THIS CAPTIVATING STORY!! There are several varieties of narratives of The Raven, but this has the best by far NARRATIVE of the Race that it's as if Poe himself were telling you himself!!! BRAVO!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to any SERIOUS Poe lover!!

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Doneisha J

I love the book and the reader was great.

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Jessica B

Narrator did a wonderful job! Great tempo. Love Poe.

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Allott B

This poem has been lost with my ageing and well-defined cynicism. My fault. Good narration, great tempo.

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Luis F

I will not go into the poem because I assume that most people have at least an idea of what to expect from Poe. I was not expecting much, being that this is a free book but I have to say that I was surprised by the quality of the narration.

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