The Real Silent Witnesses

Written by:
Wensley Clarkson
Narrated by:
Ben Onwukwe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
8 hours 28 minutes
Going beyond the popular TV show, this is the true story of forensic science from those who solve crimes without witnesses.
How do you identify a serial killer?
What are the tell-tale signs of guilt?
Can we now solve the unsolvable?
Since even before the first season of Silent Witness in 1996, forensic science has played an increasingly important role in the investigation of violent crimes.
With a boom in cold-blooded cases throughout the 1980s, police began to rely on DNA evidence to help them find perpetrators and since then forensic science has taken off as a powerful tool in solving murders. Bestselling true crime author Wensley Clarkson takes us beyond the headlines to examine the real-life stories where forensics have played a crucial role. He speaks to experts who have worked on the most gruesome, most chilling and most shocking crime scenes and explains how notorious criminal cases from across the world were solved.
And he shows how the silent witness is often the one who screams the loudest.
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Love this narrator! Like a British James Earl Jones. Book provides an interesting and informative lesson on forensics with real case examples and historical facts. Recommend to anyone looking for a true crime book that’s a little more behind the scenes.

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Rhonda G.

Very organized and thoroughly interesting- great narrator. Have already recommended it!

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Rebecca T.

I found this account of forensics fascinating. It was informative and gave a comprehensive history of some really important advancements in the field.

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Silent Witness is a television show. If you didn't already know this, don't worry you won't miss that fact as it is mentioned over and over again in this book. This was my free book pick and otherwise it wasn't bad. I am a forensic scientist and I very much enjoyed the information on the history (it's focused on DNA breakthroughs and applications). I also appreciate that they included cases that were never solved - that's real life! Towards the end though it sort of turned into an exhausting litany of violence against women. If, like me, you just want to continue pretending that you can live your life without having to look over your shoulder all the time, it might be best to skip this book. The narrator was generally good but his American accent is ATROCIOUS (think Brooklyn-cowboy). It was laughable until I got to the chapter about forensics in the US, then I wanted to crawl under a table. In summary; a book I enjoyed enough to finish, but wouldn't be something I'd recommend spending money on.

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Regine L.

The true story of forensic science from those who solve crimes without witnesses\r\nAbsolutely loved this audiobook, apart from the fact that Ben Onwukwe has an incredible voice, it was fascinating to learn more about the intricacies of forensic science, e.g. how easily DNA is spread and, possibly the perfect murder! Cold cases and serial killers.\r\nI have not watched an episode of Silent Witness, which has been airing since 1996! Keen to track it down, am sure it\'s a series that I will enjoy watching. 

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More factual than I thought it would be making for a dry read. Narrator was fantastic however.

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Sandy S.

Fantastic insights into some very well known cases and the work of the forensics teams. Mentions his baby Silent Witness the tv show a little too much but he is entitled. Except for Emilia Fox it was a great tv show. The narrator, Ben Onwukwe, is excellent as are his linguistics and accents. He just seems to change from one accent to another with ease and does so very well. Totally made the book for me. Highly recommend it if you're into crime or police and forensic work in any way. Gripping until the end.

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Osman Raidhan

Great narration, and amazing insight into forensic science

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