Return Engagement

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2016
25 hours 36 minutes
In 1914 they called it The Great War, and few could imagine anything worse. For nearly three decades a peace forged in blood and fatigue has held sway in North America. Now, Japan dominates the Pacific, the Russian Tsar rules Alaska, and England, under Winston Churchill, chafes for a return to its former glory. But behind the fa├žade of world order, America is a bomb waiting to go off. Jake Featherston, the megalomaniacal leader of the Confederate States of America, is just the man to light the fuse.

In the White House in Philadelphia, Socialist President Al Smith is a living symbol of hope for a nation that has been through the fires of war and the flood tides of depression. In the South, Featherston and his ruling Freedom Party have put down a Negro rebellion with a bloody fist and have interned them in concentration camps. Now they are determined to crush their Northern neighbor at any cost.
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Eric C.

Play the continuation of the story, and I will continue to read the rest of the series. Said, I do not like this narrator. He does not do as good, a job of differentiating between the different characters as the first one did, and with the first narrator, completing all three of the first trilogy, having somebody else narrate the characters with such a different voice is very offputting.

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It dragged a little and I wasn't expecting a fantasy when a began reading

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It was good

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Had a hard time getting into this book due to the language and the prejudiced nature of the book.

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