The Return of the Mountain Man

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
5 hours 27 minutes
In this powerful novel, William W. Johnstone tells the story of a young Missourian forced by fate and violence into lawlessness-where he sees a chance to right the wrong that shattered his family and his soul . . .

Smoke Jensen is a young man raised on loss and bitterness, nurtured by a mountain man named Preacher. Now, Smoke Jensen, with a new black horse and an old grudge, slips over the unmarked border into the turbulent Idaho Territory. Ahead is a town called Bury, built on stolen gold, and run by a band of ruthless men who had a hand in the murder of Smoke's brother in the Civil War. Smoke's father died in pursuit of those killers, but urged his son not to waste his life on vengeance . . .

Swift, powerful, and poetic, Return of the Mountain Man is an action-packed tale by William W. Johnstone, an American master-and a great chronicler of our harsh and often unforgiving last frontier.

Contains mature themes.
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We enjoy these western narratives. Exciting and keeps you wanting to listen.

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