Return of the Shirán

Return of the Shirán

Written by:
R.K. Lander
Narrated by:
Gary Bennett
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2024
12 hours 4 minutes
What power can turn the tides of war, bring the dead to life, and make eternity worth living?

The Shirán travel home from war, and stand poised to cross the northern Source to report to the Mothergod. But Fel'annár, Tensari, and Lainon won't forget who they left behind. With their sights set on a new mission, they will return south in a treacherous bid to free their companions.

But their paths unexpectedly intertwine with two women. One, a grief-stricken mother who crossed the boundaries between elven worlds in search of her child. The other, a desperate heir who escapes the clutches of the revenant demigod in search of allies to help her reclaim her rightful inheritance, set things right after a lifetime of mistakes.

As the fates of the two captive Shirán and the heir of Fort Arlys hang in the balance, Fel'annár must find a way to fulfill his divine mission to eradicate revenance and vanquish Arzen. But what he finds along the way has the power to destroy him for good.
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