Ride the Savage Land

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
10 hours 13 minutes
Those Jensen boys, Ace and Chance, know how to ride the savage land. But when they agree to lead a wagon full of women across Texas, they’re just asking for trouble—times five …
Five Mail-Order Brides
A prostitute. A virgin. A tomboy. A woman on the run. And a bank robber’s girlfriend. These five brides-to-be are
ready to get hitched in San Angelo, Texas—and it’s Ace and Chance’s job to get them to the church on time. But this
is no easy walk down the aisle. It’s one hard journey that could get them all killed …
One Wild Ride
One of the brides has a crazy ex-husband gunning for her. Another has a secret stash of $50,000, stolen by her outlaw
boyfriend. He’s not letting go—of her or the money. Then there’s a creepy, woman-hungry clan of backwoodsmen
who want the brides for themselves, not to mention a fierce, deadly band of Comanche kidnappers. But Ace and
Chance swear they’ll protect these ladies—till death do they part …
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