Roberts Ridge: A True Story of Courage and Sacrifice on Takur Ghar Mountain, Afghanistan

Written by:
Malcolm Macpherson
Narrated by:
Joe Barrett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
8 hours 26 minutes
For the US Navy’s elite team of SEALs, the mission seemed straightforward enough: take control of a towering, 10,240-foot mountain peak called Takur Ghar, a key post in their plan to smash Taliban al Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan. But the enemy was waiting, and when the Special Forces chopper was shredded by enemy fire, a red-haired SEAL named Neil Roberts was thrown from the aircraft. Roberts’ fellow SEALs were determined to bring him out—no matter what the cost. This harrowing true account captures in dramatic detail their seventeen-hour battle, fought against near-impossible odds, to save one of their own.

This is a gripping you-are-there account based on stunning eyewitness testimony and painstaking research by journalist Malcolm MacPherson.
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Gordon M.

You don't have to read all WW II books to find America's Greatest.....They are deployed right now. Great book...brave men.

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Kyle Lanter

Great first-hand account of the heroism of our soldiers at war. Brings to light the struggle of man and technology as we continually try to strive to advance our capabilities on the battlefield. Shows the heroism of all of our troops especially those involved in the battle of takur ghar.

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