Roll of a Lifetime

Roll of a Lifetime

Written by:
Melanie Greene
Narrated by:
Amy Rubinate
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
8 hours 36 minutes
Things Rachel Groff needs: her daughter out of diapers, the back child support she’s owed, freedom from her devious, dirtbag ex-husband. 

Rachel has inched her way towards financial security over three years of solo parenting. Clinging to her hard-won independence, she is on guard against the type of man who deceived her in the past. Men like the too-hot and too-charming divorced dad who claims to be nothing like her ex.  

Things Theo Melis loves: kayaking along the bayou, baking pies, being with his son.

His big gamble has paid off: his brewpub is in the black and garnering great reviews. Now Theo’s focused on earning a favorable rating from his manager’s ex-wife. He’s taken with her strength and ferocity of purpose, and proud when she allows him to help her escape the stresses of life. But one moment Rachel melts into him; the next, she jerks away, leaving him overheated and confused. 

Theo longs to earn Rachel’s trust. Rachel’s heart yearns for him, but her instincts have devastated her before. Every step they take could be a disastrous misstep. If they move in unison, can they discover a path worth taking?
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