Roman Empire: A Captivating Guide to Imperial Rome and Pax Romana

Roman Empire: A Captivating Guide to Imperial Rome and Pax Romana

Written by:
Captivating History
Narrated by:
Colin Fluxman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
7 hours 50 minutes
Two manuscripts in one audiobook:

- Imperial Rome: A Captivating Guide to Events and Facts You Should Know About the Roman Empire
- Pax Romana: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Rome during the Roman Peace Period

In the first part of this audiobook, you learn includes the following:

- The downfall of the Roman Republic and the emergence of the illustrious Roman Empire;
- Caesar’s life and conquests, as well as his ultimate assassination at the hands of his senators;
- The fascinating life of Octavian Augustus and the start of the Pax Romana;
- Gradual “reduction” in the quality of emperors, starting with bureaucratic Tiberius, who ultimately left Rome;
- The incredible life of Tiberius’s successor, Caligula, who gained much notoriety;
- The long reign of Emperor Claudius, whose two wives, Messalina and Agrippina the Younger, shaped the future of Rome;
- Nero, who (maybe) set Rome on fire and who was most certainly a very unusual emperor with a penchant for the arts;

In the second part of this audiobook, you’ll gain new knowledge on the following facts:

- How the empire evolved from the former republic and who the men were that brought about the changes
- What made the reign of each emperor unique
- What some of the more turbulent times during this overarching period of peace were
- Who the best emperors during the Pax Romana were, and which ones were considered the worst
- What role the provinces and territorial expansion played in the growth and development of the empire
- How the imperial Romans were stratified
- What societal changes came about with the abolition of the republic and the return to a monarchic model

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