Running Blind

Written by:
Lee Child
Narrated by:
Johnathan Mcclain

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
13 hours 16 minutes
The bestselling novel featuring the “wonderfully epic hero” (People) who inspired the hit film Jack Reacher. 

Across the country women are being murdered, victims of a disciplined and clever killer who leaves no trace evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, and no clues to an apparent motive. They are, truly, perfect crimes. In fact, there’s only one thing that links one victim to the next. Each of the women knew Jack Reacher. And this time, even he’s running blind.
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Chris N

Wow!! This is beyond a good book series. I really enjoy listening to these books on It makes my drive to and from work more enjoyable. Give this series a try. It is very entertaining.

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The narrator makes this book impossible to listen to.

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Richard H.

Loved the story while driving on a long trip. The narrator was more difficult than usual for me to hear at times.

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Rick Skalitzky

The story is entertaining and the characters are pretty good. The plot is pretty good, but is definitely lazy. The plot is pretty obvious, but the author tries to mislead you with a really bad technique. The characters don't react to situations realistically. I like the story and the actual Reacher character, but the author tries to make things more complicated than they would actually be.

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No! It took a long time to finish this one. I like Reacher, as a character. Yes, these books are unrealistic as far as women are concerned. All the women he is working closely with are physically perfect blah blah blah. This one has a gorgeous 6 foot tall female agent who’s feet are “surprisingly small and delicate “. Who cares?! And how does she walk around on these baby feet? I figured out the bad guy, and how the bad guy was operating very early. If I figured it out, many others must have, as well. I’m done with Reacher! I’m taking my clown feet somewhere else.

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Jon G.

Love the child books

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great story and we'll narrarated.

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John T.

Lee child books are great but this narrator absolutely ruins, RUINS this book. Dick is the voice of reacher but this Scott brick makes you cringe. After three attempts, I had to just quit. Sooooooo baaaaaad. His voice with women, like this old timey Chicago mobster, is absolutely horrific. How could any publisher actually allow this or even pay him to do this?!? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

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The Jack Reacher character voice was fine. The woman sound the same- like nasally hags (hard to picture them as beautiful) the men sound all like variations of 1940’s gangster types. So hard to follow the story because of the similarities in voices.

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Steve V.

Great story line, I love the twists. The ending will surprise you!

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Greg P.

enjoyable listen, good pace to the story

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Ted B

Thrilling sorry. Fast page android suspenseful Naration was good but n?t á good Robert Hill.

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John Badham

The story is fun and intriguing. The narrator is OK until he gets to the female voices and FBI adversaries. Then his voices are annoying, screetchy and over the top. A little bit of direction toning him down would have been nice. I'd like to have heard it with a more skilled narrator like Scott Brick.

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Steven Lott

Great book, I've enjoyed all the jack reacher novels I've read so far, with this being my first audiobook, but I did not care for the narrator especially with the female voices.

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Rosemary Cure

Good book. Couldn't stop listening. Wanted to know the ending. Will listen again more carefully to pick up on things I didn't catch the first time.

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Mark Iverson

A good listen. Interesting plot. It got a little tedious and predicable at the end. But overall, I recommend this book.

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Joanne Leonard

This narrator is so horrible at character voices that I felt like I was listening to a 1950's radio drama of Batman with the comical characters of the Joker, the Riddler,, Penguin and Batgirl. His female voices are all whiney and cackling and annoying, and his male voices are no better. He can read a story I'm sure, but he is over-the-top in his dramatic scenes and he should stick to his natural voice for all. I had a hard time listening -- it was THAT bad. I'm going to have to read this story myself in order to get a true opinion of it. Don't waste your credits on this narration. He needs to change careers.

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