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March 2021
10 hours 26 minutes
Debauched, divorced, and courting death, Billy Ray Schafer is a comedian who has forgotten how to laugh. Over the course of seven spun-out days across the American Southwest, he travels from from hell gig to hell gig in search of a reason to keep living in this bleak and violent glimpse into the psyche of a thoroughly ruined man. Ex-inmate, ex-husband, ex-father-comedian is the only title Schafer has left. Trapped in the wreckage of his wasted career, Billy Ray knows the answer to the question: what happens when the opportunity doesn't come-or worse-it comes and goes?
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Darkly hilarious tale of what happens to a road comic when the world has changed and their lifestyle hasn’t. Brilliantly written, clever and cutting, it’s amazing that it’s the author’s first novel. Sam Tallent is a real talent. Buy this book. Plus it’s narrated by a bunch of amazing comics.

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Vytautas P.

It's just fantastic. Got me right in the feels.

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Calvin M.

This book is a master piece. It’s unreal good.

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One of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened too. The writing is amazing and describes every scene/situation with lethal description. If you even king of like standup you absolutely should get this book. If you’re not a fan of comedy, you should still get this book.

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Issac N.

Wow ... it\'s perfect... super impressed with all of Norm\'s dialogue, absolutely nailed it... perfect captured Norm\'s unique sense of humor, as well as the way in wish he speaks... when I read it, it was in Norm\'s voice, and it didn\'t feel fake or made up, it felt like an actual Norm conversation... with his recent passing it was nice surprise, that just put the cherry on top of an already masterful novel ..

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