RV Living

Written by:
Olivier Brad
Narrated by:
Jack R. James

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
3 hours 41 minutes
Have you ever wanted to experience the freedom of the open road?

Does living in an RV and being able to move around whenever you feel like it, appeal to you?

This book will prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime!

The idea of traveling and living full-time in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) is one that more and more people are thinking about. The benefits of this sort of itinerant lifestyle include cheaper living, the ability to move to where the weather is best and have more control of your own destiny.

Inside this fantastic audiobook, RV Living: A Guide to Living in an RV, you will find plenty of useful information that will help you to decide if this is for you, with chapters that cover:

- Tips on where to camp and when

- Considerations when deciding to change to an RV lifestyle

- Safety tips

- Cost effective ways of buying an RV

- How to deal with weather changes

- Connecting to the internet

- Adding space to your RV

- And much moreā€¦

There is no doubt that living full-time in an RV will be a challenge, but it is also a life-changing undertaking that will stay with you forever. With this audiobook you can listen to it even as a you are traveling, making it a unique experience that is perfect for your new life on the road.

Suitable for anyone who has felt the urge to wander, RV Living: A Guide to Living in an RV is a book you should be listening to now!
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