Sacred not Sinful: A New Christian Sexual Ethic

Sacred not Sinful: A New Christian Sexual Ethic

Written by:
Dr Kevin Jenson
Narrated by:
Dr Kevin Jenson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
6 hours 40 minutes
This may be the first modern book on Christian sexual ethics to go beyond “married = moral” and “love who you love”!

If you’re looking for another book on the sinfulness of sex outside of marriage or the need to accept everybody’s sexual preferences, this isn’t it.

A lifeless and unbiblical “ethic” rooted in gnostic, platonic, and enlightenment thinking has sapped the spiritual vitality of the sexual experience for millions of Christians who do not know how to have a healthy relationship with the body and its natural desires.

Paying lip-service to ethics with the assumption that married = moral, there is little thought given to how the call to love God with all one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength might extend beyond the marriage ceremony and into the bedroom.

Humbly deconstructing his own experience, Jenson exposes the problematic teachings of purity culture that permeate modern society, and then uncovers a path to sexual flourishing for all humans regardless of sex, gender, or relationship status.

His clear love of the scripture and deep persistent faith shine through intensive research and personal wrestling through what the bible says about polyamory, homosexuality, premarital sex, gender identity, pornography, and the intimate connection between sex and spirituality in the Christian life.

Sacred not Sinful delivers an earnest and searing wake-up call to move beyond the moral impotence of sexual standards that ensnare the church and culture in a web of shame, confusion, and oppression.

Confident that God has called us to liberate the oppressed, to bring light to the darkness, Christians must overcome their fear and learn what it takes to become a landmark of sexual integrity, freedom, and skill in the midst of a confused culture.

Are you ready to break the silent chains of ignorance that keep millions of people from the intimacy and ecstacy of God’s design for sexual wholeness?
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