Scandalous Intentions

Scandalous Intentions

Written by:
Amanda Mariel
Narrated by:
Anne Marie Damman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
4 hours 16 minutes
Desire, deception, and daring choices entwine as a scandalous rake and a determined lady embark on a risky path to love and liberation.

Amidst the looming specter of losing his father's support, the infamous rogue, Lord Julian Luvington, redirects his focus toward Lady Sarah—the embodiment of virtue. Yet, beneath her poised exterior, lies a heart not easily won.

Lady Sarah Roseington harbors ambitions of her own, a quest for a marriage kindled by love and a thirst for freedoms traditionally reserved for men. In the face of Lord Luvington's scandalous renown, she extends a bold proposition: marriage to the very man capable of tarnishing her reputation, but also capable of unlocking doors she could never breach alone.

As negotiations unfold, both unearth a cost surpassing their initial expectations. In the delicate dance of their arrangement, Lady Sarah risks more than her societal standing, while Julian gambles with a heart he never planned on relinquishing.

Amongst the allure of Victorian England, the audacious rogue Lord Julian Luvington and determined Lady Sarah Roseington engage in a perilous dance of desire and reputation, their fates intertwining in a tempest of Scandalous Intentions.
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