SEALs of Chance Creek: Books 7-10 Boxed Set

Written by:
Cora Seton
Narrated by:
Noah Michael Levine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
27 hours 41 minutes
A SEAL's Devotion: When Anders Olsen joined forces with nine other Navy SEALs to build a model sustainable community, he didn't know he'd be filmed-or that the resulting television show would become a nationwide sensation. Can he find a bride before someone exposes who he really is?

A SEAL's Desire: Navy SEAL Greg Devon lost his heart to a young documentary film director, and when he found out she'd been put in charge of Base Camp, he jumped at the chance to participate. If he doesn't marry in forty days, the community he's helping to build will be bulldozed. And Renata Ludlow still barely knows he exists.

A SEAL's Struggle: When Win Lisle walked out on him five months ago, Angus McBride hardened his heart and committed to marrying a stranger to save Base Camp. Now there's just over a month until his wedding, he knows he can never love his backup bride, Leslie, and Win has come back-pregnant with his baby. What's a Navy SEAL to do?

A SEAL's Triumph: Lieutenant Walker Norton might be cynical, but he isn't a broken man-yet. He long ago decided to live a life of service to his country, family, and friends. It's enough-until he meets Avery Lightfoot and realizes he wants so much more.
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Tisha Johnson

I started reading this series years ago and loved it and always wanted to finish it so when this came up on audiobooks it was like a gift sent from heaven. Loved base camp and all the different ways they met their mates. Each story was different and the narrators was awesome. Makes you wanna start your own little community where everyone works together to keep the community growing without needing a ton materialistic things that hurts the planet.

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