Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Shelby Steele

Narrated By: Randall Bain

Date: February 2015

Duration: 4 hours 49 minutes


A prominent conservative scholar traces the post-1960s divisions between the Right and the Left, taking aim at liberals' victimization of African Americans and their failure to offer a viable way forward for American society The United States today is hopelessly polarized; the political Right and Left have hardened into rigid and deeply antagonistic camps, preventing any sort of progress. Amid the bickering and inertia, the promise of the 1960s—when we came together as a nation to fight for equality and universal justice—remains unfulfilled. As Shelby Steele reveals in Shame, the roots of this impasse can be traced back to that decade of protest, when in the act of uncovering and dismantling our national hypocrisies—racism, sexism, militarism—liberals internalized the idea that there was something inauthentic, if not evil, in the American character. Since then, liberalism has been wholly concerned with redeeming modern America from the sins of the past, and has derived its political legitimacy from the premise of a morally bankrupt America. The result has been a half-century of well-intentioned but ineffective social programs, such as Affirmative Action. Steele reveals that not only have these programs failed, but they have in almost every case actively harmed America's minorities and poor. Ultimately, Steele argues, post-60s liberalism has utterly failed to achieve its stated aim: true equality. Liberals, intending to atone for our past sins, have ironically perpetuated the exploitation of this country's least fortunate citizens. It therefore falls to the Right to defend the American dream. Only by reviving our founding principles of individual freedom and merit-based competition can the fraught legacy of American history be redeemed, and only through freedom can we ever hope to reach equality. Approaching political polarization from a wholly new perspective, Steele offers a rigorous critique of the failures of liberalism and a cogent argument for the relevance and power of conservatism.


  • Anonymous

    Wonderful depiction of North Carolina, the people, and the Marsh. Also a live story and a story of culture

  • Anonymous


  • Christopher P.

    Shame is an excellent book. Steele distills the twisted "white guilt" complex, by which Progressives are both afflicted and empowered, together with a restatement of ways [some of which are already in motion] by which America can come together and move on. Chris Parker


by Shelby Steele

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Shame, Shelby Steele
Shame, Shelby Steele
This title is due for release on February 25, 2015.

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Shame, Shelby Steele
This title is due for release on February 25, 2015
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Shame, Shelby Steele
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Shame, Shelby Steele

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