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Shooting To Win

Shooting To Win

Written by:
Elouise Tynan
Narrated by:
Luke Welland , Skye Alley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
6 hours 40 minutes
Perfect for fans of Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus and Briar U hockey series.


It all started one drunken night when she was a sweet and innocent freshman and I was a cocky, overconfident sophomore.

I've never forgotten the time we spent together, but life is complicated and I let it get in the way.

But the universe has thrown us back together and now that I'm newly single, I can't stop thinking about her. So it's a damn shame my dream girl wants absolutely nothing to do with me.

I'm determined to shoot my shot one last time though. And this time, I'm shooting to win.


I swear the universe is trying to punish me.

Why else would my man-eating cousin who betrayed me in the most hurtful of ways end up at Pierson University with me? Or why I'd be forced to spend time with the one boy I can't stand the sight of?

Not that looking at him is a hardship. He's a charming, ripped and insanely hot basketball player. But being around him brings back memories of that night—one that turned me into the worst kind of girl.

Only now that we have to co-exist, I'm having a hard time reconciling the nefarious guy I thought he was back then with the sweet, attentive, selfless one in front of me.

Did I really get him so wrong? Or is he just that good at playing the game?
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