Written by:
Herman Hesse
Narrated by:
Adrian Praetzellis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
5 hours 6 minutes
Siddhartha is one of the great philosophical novels. Profoundly insightful, it is also a beautifully written story that begins as Siddhartha, son of an Indian Brahman, leaves his family and begins a lifelong journey towards Enlightenment. On the way he faces the entire range of human experience and emotion: he lives with ascetics, meets Gotama the Buddha, learns the art of love from Kamala the courtesan, and is transformed by the simple philosophy of the ferryman Vasudeva whose wisdom comes not from learned teachings but from observing the River. Herman Hesse (1877-1962) was a German-Swiss novelist, poet, and painter. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. This recording contains a sound clip from (Summary by Adrian Praetzellis)
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Deanna C.

I have told many over years to read this book and get the clarity of ur life from doing so by connecting the dots of all the questions you have in ur soul searching of self!

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Alicia H.

Great story and reading. Superb.

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This was a very well written and narrated book about an internal and physical journey into finding yourself and more importantly love. I enjoyed it a lot and only chose it to listen to because of the positive reviews.

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I came upon this book by accident. I love it. It’s like listening to an ancient poem. The story is told slowly like stories in the oral tradition. It’s full of wisdom and compassion. Now I’m looking to read other books by Herman Hesse

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Maria Duchesse

A beautiful journey of growth that will help you evaluate decisions in new lights

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