Written by:
Herman Hesse
Narrated by:
Samantha Novak

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
4 hours 9 minutes
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The title of this novel is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “siddha,” which is defined as “achieved,” and “artha” which is defined as “meaning” or “wealth.” The word serves as the name for the principal character, a man on a spiritual journey of self-discovery during the time of the first Buddha. Siddhartha is the son of a wealthy Brahmin family who decides to leave his home in the hopes of gaining spiritual illumination. Siddhartha is joined by his best friend Govinda. The two renounce their earthly possessions, engage in ritual fasting and intense meditation and ultimately seek out and speak with Gautama, the original Buddha. Here the two go their separate ways, Govinda joining the order of the Buddha, Siddhartha traveling on in search of spiritual enlightenment. In order to complete this novel Hesse immersed himself in the sacred teachings of both Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and lived a semi-reclusive life in order to achieve his own spiritual enlightenment. Considered one of Hesse’s most important works, “Siddhartha” remains to this day as one of his most popular. It is a work that deals with the quest that we all undertake in some way or another, to define our lives in an environment of conflicting dualities and ultimately find spiritual awareness.
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Trevor F.

I was very touched by parts two and three. The detail that Herman Hesse delivers are astonishing.

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Thomas L.

An intimate take on a spiritual journey. We must live our lives to learn/ evolve.

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Richard J.

Really enjoyed the story - but i am too dumb to understand the deeper meaning or lessons. Might need to listen to it a couple of times or ask someone to explain it to me.

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Prince O.

This is this is how audiobooks are supposed to be. Really enjoyed this audiobook version of Siddhartha.

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Phillip K.

Beyond the “life advice” or affirmations or perspective one can derive from this book, it was presented well. The narrator wasn’t difficult to listen to and the story itself revealed a lot of things about Siddhartha that I didn’t know! Which is always great to learn something new.

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Oliver C.

Siddhartha's life is a good reminder not to get worked up about the trivialities of life and when you have to look at the world, take an optimistic perspective or at least realize that every part of the world is just a piece of a grander reality and not all will understand this.

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Natasha K.

Great story with deep thoughts to think about. Many that I needed to write down to think on longer.

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Michael P.

I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I didn't even remember why I had this on my list to listen too, I'm glad I decided too. It's your basic philosophy for life. With the entire point being that its not the end that is the goal, but the path that is the goal. That you should never stop learning, never stop getting closer to enlightenment.

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