Written by:
Lydia Rood
Narrated by:
Cecily Bednar Schmidt
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Release Date
July 2021
10 hours 42 minutes
Imagine yourself fully conscious, but trapped in a completely paralyzed body, with no way of telling anyone you were there. This is exactly what happens to Nina, the young and talented presenter of a popular TV dating show. Unable to move or speak to her fiancé or anyone else around her, slowly, fragments of memory emerge like pieces of a puzzle, and bit by bit, the reason for her state of paralysis becomes apparent...
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Heather P.

I loved this one so much. I've often wondered about certain health concerns and what the mind does during those times. This was an intriguing idea of that. Listen to it, get mad, happy,sad, angry, etc...

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Sherry L.

If you like soap operas you will enjoy this book. Personally I’m not a fan of ridiculous drama. There was nothing clever or believable. It could have been half the size if you cut out the repetition, ‘I wanted to sit up, but I couldn’t….I wanted to nod my head but I couldn’t’ and so it went on and on. I had pegged the person who done it from the moment the character was first introduced. Sorry too lame for me. The narration would have been better without the weird voices she gave some of the characters.

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Amazing book I couldn’t stop listening and the narrator did a great job definitely one of my favorites

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not what I had hoped for.

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Kristen L.

I was so weary of hearing the same lines over and over by the end of the story, that I forgot to enjoy the core of the story! Actually, the story was good, but with all of the poor writing around it, ti made it tedious and difficult to hear. I wish an editor could have gotten involved and whittled the story down to what was important to the reader. So much repetition. So many facts that had no relevance to the story. I think at the core of this story there was a great story, if only it wouldn't have been disguised by all of the poor storytelling. The narrator was pretty good, but I am not sure she had a grasp of what some of the characters should have sounded like, especially when it came to the male characters. I liked her Conta (sp?) voice.

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Good book overall. Enjoyed the concept of the perspective of someone trapped in their mind.

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Flora Zobl

Great story! The end was a bit fast and (spoiler alert!)... ... the pregnancy wouldn't have been necessary in my opinion but I really enjoyed the story!

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Ger Faughnan

This is “Edge of the seat” stuff. Really enjoyed listening to this book.

This title is due for release on July 7, 2021.

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