The Silent Girls

Written by:
Eric Rickstad
Narrated by:
R. C. Bray

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2015
9 hours 34 minutes
Frank Rath thought he was done with murder when he turned in his detective's badge to become a private investigator and raise a daughter alone. Then the police in his remote rural community of Canaan find an '89 Monte Carlo abandoned by the side of the road, and the beautiful teenage girl who owned the car seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Soon Rath's investigation brings him face-to-face with the darkest abominations of the human soul.

With the consequences of his violent and painful past plaguing him, and young women with secrets vanishing one by one, he discovers once again that even in the smallest towns on the map, evil lurks everywhere-and no one is safe.
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Nari J.

This book left my jaw wide open ! Superb phenomenal outstanding ! Keeps you guessing and every time you think you know what’s happening a rude no you don’t wake up call. This is a book I would recommend everyone.

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Gruesome and disgusting storyline. Well narrated and spellbinding with unexpected twists and turns. Did not like the ending though.

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William Troyk

First lissen for me and impressed with author and his narration skill

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Rhonda M

Totally awesome!

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