The Solar War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
12 hours 21 minutes
Read the second book in The Long Winter trilogy! * * * They decimated Earth during the Long Winter. Now the Grid has returned, and they won t stop until the human race is extinct. On a ruined world, humanity s last survivors fight against impossible odds. In their darkest hour, they discover a new hope for survival. But it comes at an unthinkable price, with consequences that will change everything. * * * We thought the war was over. We were wrong. After the Long Winter, Emma Matthews and James Sinclair hoped life would get back to normal. They ve settled down in Camp Seven and welcomed their first child, a daughter. And they have waited and watched the sky for any signs of the Grid s return. When NASA discovers that several asteroids have broken from the Kuiper Belt and are headed for Earth, James instantly realizes the truth: the Grid is back. And this battle will be one to the very end. As he and his team prepare for humanity s last stand in space and on the ground, Emma makes a discovery closer to home, one that will change life for her and James once again. With war raging around them, Emma and James fight to keep their family alive. In the cold darkness, humanity splinters. New alliances emerge. At every turn, Emma and James face new dangers and question whom to trust. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, James uncovers what may be the key to humanity s survival. But it comes with enormous risks. To implement his plan, he and Emma will have to survive the Grid and another, even more deadly enemy. One thing is certain: their gambit will change the future of the human race forever.
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Terry A. W.

Every bit as good as “Winterworld” and just when you thought everyone was safe there’s another twist. Narrators are very good as well & add to my enjoyment of the audiobook. Roll on part 3.

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great read

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Robin W.

As with book 1, narration is great. Was excited for the sequel but was disappointed some what with story line. Like the book enough though, to continue with the 3rd book ... I need to find out the fate of these people!

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James D.

This book is a triple decker kale and dog feces sandwich, topped with parsnip sauce. I understand writing in the first person present tense may have been intended to be artistic or give the sense of immediacy to the story, but it felt like an artist was trying to paint me a picture using black slimy rotten banana peels ground up and combined with coffee ground hematemesis in a paste. Sure it’s art, but please next time use paint. The format choice created a major problem for the story that I could never get past. We have access to the main characters head, the so-called super genius who is the only hope for humanity; and yet his thoughts are mundane and often idiotic. The other characters often act in reverence to the protagonist, but it’s laughable, as the thoughts and actions of the super genius would be more characteristic of Homer Simpson rather than the saviour of humanity. There were numerous other problems, the only one of which I will mention is that this story also committs the cardinal sin of being boring. This might be the authors secret super power: to take a plot about an intergalactic battle with an alien superintelligence and make it boring. He does this effortlessly. If I would give negative stars I would. Ps. There was nothing wrong with the narrators that I could tell, but I did not give them full marks in the same way that the coach of a sports team often gets canned when things have gone very wrong.

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Gina S.

I was thrilled to see a sequel to The Long Winter. The narrators are excellent and really bring you in to the story. If I were holding this book, I wouldn't be able to put it down. :) I am partial to scifi fantasy and anything time/space related. Sometimes things seem a little farfetched but hey, it's a story. LOL. On to book three...

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Kelly D.

Lots of twists and turns, love it!

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Judith M.

The plot of this book was soooooo extraordinary that I was never sure what was going to happen next. The narrator’s voices exhanced all the climactic points making it so hard for me to “put this book down”! Can’t wait to read the third book!!

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the book was great. it told a great story.

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