Space Team 12: The Hunt for Reduk Topa [Dramatized Adaptation]: Space Team Universe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
7 hours 38 minutes
'Sick of the stress, aggravation, and multiple genocides they've had to put up with lately, accidental space hero Cal Carver and his crew set off to start a new life in a distant corner of the galaxy.

Six tedious days of warp-speed and board games later, they arrive in a sector filled with new hope, new opportunities, and new adventures. Too broke to take advantage of any of these things, they are forced to accept a series of increasingly demeaning jobs just to make ends meet.

When one such job leads them to the offices of a sector-wide TV network, Cal signs-up to star in smash-hit gameshow, The Hunt, confident of winning the big cash prize.

What he fails to realize is that the show's premise involves him being chased and killed for the amusement of the viewing public and so Cal must run, fight, and occasionally beg for his life as he attempts to win the game, the money, and his freedom.

But in the entire history of the show, no competitor has ever survived The Hunt, and the network will stop at nothing to keep that record intact...

Featuring unexpected stabbings, maniacal puppets, and a dog with a head like a testicle.

Space Team: The Hunt for Reduk Topa is the twelfth book in the internationally bestselling series from award-winning author, Barry J. Hutchison, and perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and The Golden Girls.

Performed by Phil Thron, Danny Gavigan, Carolyn Kashner, Darius Johnson, Yasmin Tuazon, Christopher Walker, Amanda Forstrom, Cody Roberts, Laura C. Harris, Wyn Delano, Michael John Casey, Ken Jackson, Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Steve Wannall, Nora Achrati, Gabriel Michael, Eric Messner, Scott McCormick, Shawn K. Jain, Nanette Savard, Karen Novack, Marni Penning, Colleen Delany, Bradley Forster Smith and Melody Muze.'
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