[Spanish] - Spanish: Learn Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases

[Spanish] - Spanish: Learn Spanish Words and Spanish Phrases

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Learn Spanish Academy
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
5 hours 1 minute
Don’t Learn Spanish the Wrong Way!This Spanish audiobook-series takes away the agony of learning, and makes it a fun experience instead. You will learn the most frequently used words and phrases first, before learning the spanish grammar.

This method is highly effective as you only learn what is relevant and follow the same principle you did when you were a child. Growing up, you learned by trial and error and by hearing your parents communicating. The words you heard most often, were the ones you learned first. You had no understanding of what grammar was and yet, you learned quickly. By following the same principle, you will learn the most frequently used words in the spanish language fast.

After going through this book, you'll understand 70% of the conversation you participate in.

In this first book you will:

- Become confident in using 1000 of the most commonly used words in the spanish language
- Enjoy great exercises.
- Learn proper pronounciation

If you want your spanish to be good enough for you to communicate with native speakers, then make a smart decision for you and purchase this book.

Don’t wait any longer. Scroll up and purchase this book now to take your spanish to new heights.
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Learnt around 50 words per day. Now, three weeks later I know more than 1000 words. Great strategy proposed in this book.

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Nicholas A.

Eager to go to Spain to show what I can say!

Profile Avatar
Christina S.

Good book

Profile Avatar
Mary J.

Noticed that I understood most of a casual conversation on an Instagram video. Liked it.

Profile Avatar
Terry T.

Hóla A todos!! Words I have now learned! :D

Profile Avatar
Janet A.

Hard to find specific things in the book but still fairly satisfied

Profile Avatar
Lance D.

Can recommend this. Very easy to follow along.

Profile Avatar
Mable L.

Liked it

Profile Avatar
Vicki R.

A bit boring sometimes but still effective for teaching vocabulary

Profile Avatar
Sandra D.

Love the concept to learn the most commonly used words. Worked well for me

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