Splitting Hairs

Splitting Hairs

Written by:
Greta Boris
Narrated by:
Amy Melissa Bentley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2024
8 hours 0 minutes
Dead Men Tell No Tales

Embalmer's assistant Imogene Lynch may or may not get the final sensations of the dead when she touches their hair. She used to, but something strange is going on.

Her sixth sense disappears when the body of a local treasure hunter shows up at Greener Pastures Mortuary. But that doesn't keep her from becoming embroiled in two bone-chilling mysteries.

Her boss's lover is awol, and a tipsy ghost is giving her the hiccups. Someone's obviously been murdered. She dearly hopes it's not the missing woman.

All clues lead to Catalina Island where rumors of a pirate's buried treasure seem to have incited a gold rush. When Imogene stumbles into a viper's nest, she discovers the dead aren't the only ones with secrets.

If you can imagine Agatha Raisin as a twenty-something, rockabilly, ex-hairstylist with a weird connection to the dead, this book is for you.
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