The Squire's Story

Written by:
Elizabeth Gaskell
Narrated by:
Evan Long

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
0 hours 41 minutes
Set between 1769 and 1775, The Squire's Story tells the tale of a new arrival to the Derbyshire town of Barford. This gentleman's name is Mr Robinson Higgins and he quickly takes up residency is the grandest home in the area, The White House. Where his money has come from, none know, but every few months he disappears. He claims to travel down south to go and collect his rents, but he always goes alone.

On the outside, Mr Higgins is everything a popular man is expected to be. He is a good rider, can tell good stories and plays jokes on those who he knows he can get away with. Everyone seems to like. He even ends up marrying Squire Hearn's only daughter.
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