Star Wars: Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2018
11 hours 13 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are reunited on the Millennium Falcon in a galaxy-spanning novel inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story. But even the fastest ship in the universe can’t outrun the past. . . .

It’s one of the galaxy’s most dangerous secrets: a mysterious transmitter with unknown power and a reward for its discovery that most could only dream of claiming. But those who fly the Millennium Falcon throughout its infamous history aren’t your average scoundrels. Not once, but twice, the crew of the Falcon tries to claim the elusive prize—first, Lando Calrissian and the droid L3-37 at the dawn of an ambitious career, and later, a young and hungry Han Solo with the help of his copilot, Chewbacca. But the device’s creator, the volatile criminal Fyzen Gor, isn’t interested in sharing. And Gor knows how to hold a grudge. . . .
It’s been ten years since the rebel hero Han Solo last encountered Fyzen Gor. After mounting a successful rebellion against the Empire and starting a family with an Alderaanian princess, Han hasn’t given much thought to the mad inventor. But when Lando turns up at Han’s doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s Fyzen’s assassins that he’s running from. And without Han’s help, Lando—and all life on Cloud City—will be annihilated.
With the assistance of a young hotshot pilot, an Ewok slicer prodigy, the woman who might be the love of Lando’s life, and Han’s best and furriest friend, the two most notorious scoundrels in the New Republic are working together once more. They’ll have to journey across the stars—and into the past—before Gor uses the device’s power to reshape the galaxy.

Praise for Last Shot

“Action-packed in all the right ways.”—Tordotcom

“A fun, breezy read, with plenty of humor, Ewok hackers, murderous robots, and rousing fight scenes as Han and Lando go from scrape to scrape [to] track down a long-forgotten enemy.”—The Verge

“The flat-out funniest Star Wars novel to date.”—Alternative Nation
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Gary M.

It starts off a little slow but once it gets going it’s a wonderful story

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Probably the worst Disney Star Wars novel during the KK era; second only to the abysmal Aftermath Trilogy. Han has become an insecure betamale, the antagonist "Fyzen Gor" is subpar at best, ewoks are apparently capable of becoming extremely efficient slicers with little no less than a year or 2 after The Battle of Jakku. The guys at Lucasfilm seem to be obsessed with pleasing SJWs with any given opportunity. Taka Jamoreesa is clearly just another dude around the corner, but no they INSIST on referring him as They/them. Obvious tran approach is obvious. Worst Narration ever put into a Star Wars novel, period. the ONLY redeeming aspect of this pos of a novel is the accurate portrayal of our most beloved charismatic scoundrel in the galaxy whose character more likely than not is set to be ruined when IX drops.

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Jonathan W.

the narration thatarted out great with the guy who actually attempts the voices, but the 2nd narrator is garbage. He doesn't put any effort into voices or anything.

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Kristian L.

I find the lack of respect for other peoples work rather upsetting. This book is borrowing so many lines from previous written Star Wars books and became boring rather quickly.

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Awesome! Fits in with the movies! I loved it.

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Andrew S.

the story was great and the narrator Marc Thompson was actually quite good. But having the other two narrators switching in and out was so jarring that it took me out of the story altogether.

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Julian M.

Another awesome book. I like it.

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great story really good action and very good ending

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John R.

Great book! I gave it 5 stars along with the narrators. I must warn you though, Marc Thompson and January are great readers with amazing voice impressions and acting... that said... the other guy is terrible! He sounds like he is reading to a 6 year old crowd, and doesn’t even try to sound like one character or another. He is garbage, but I didn’t think it fair to fault the book or other 2 readers. Suffer thru him, it is hard, but worth it.

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