Written by:
Fx Holden
Narrated by:
Gary Bennett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
12 hours 59 minutes
The battle lines have been drawn.

China has unleashed a new weapon of mass destruction on the world, and the US-led Coalition has no way to counter it. Sheltering in bunkers in the mountains south of Taipei, Taiwan’s government considers suing for peace. Taiwanese fisherman, Lin Hungyu, may have the answer. But his neighbors think he is mad, and the military won't take his calls.

Who will listen to him?

After losses in the Taiwan conflict, the 68th Aggressor Squadron is stood down to rest and refit.

Where will the war take them next? Or will war come to them instead?

Swarm is a gripping tale of superpower conflict told through the eyes of ordinary combatants and civilians on all sides of the conflict. But is it fiction, or prophecy? You be the judge!
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