Tarzan the Untamed

Written by:
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Narrated by:
Various Readers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
11 hours 8 minutes
Tarzan has given up his jungle ways and is living contentedly on a farm with his beloved wife as a wealthy member of British nobility. But when he returns one day from a trip to Nairobi, he finds his farm has been laid waste and no one left alive on it. In grief and rage, he casts off the veneer of civilization to become once again the primitive ape-man, ranging the country in search of those who killed his mate to mete out to them the vengeance of the jungle. Through dozens of suspense-filled adventures and hair-breadth escapes from danger, he tracks down his enemies and triumphs over them in a crashing, action-packed climax.
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Interesting I’m starting to listen to all the Tarzan books now

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Mark S.

As a young man I loved the Tarzan tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs which my Grandfather and my Godfather first introduced me to. I bought every Burroughs book I could find but stopped reading them so I would have some for my later years. Now, approaching age 70, I resumed Burroughs with this audiobook. It was as good as I remembered. We have Tarzan at war with the Germans. We have jungle adventure. We have one of the strangest lost cities populated by mad people. This is Tarzan at its best. Yes, it is a product of its time, both in its descriptions of the black natives and the Germans, but keeping in mind when it was written, it remains an exciting adventure. The narration was adequate.

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