The Ten Myths About Real Estate: And The Truths That Will Make You Wealthy

Written by:
Dolf de Roos
Narrated by:
Dolf de Roos

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
3 hours 45 minutes
After the real estate crash of 2007, most people-both the so-called “experts” and amateur investors alike-thought the opportunity to make money in real estate had passed for good. However, as it turns out, just when all of those people were leaving the market, the true real estate investors were buying up as many properties as they could, realizing that they were buying “on sale.” They didn't fall for the myth that “Real Estate is No Longer a Good Investment.” In this enlightening audio program, The Ten Myths About Real Estate, and The Truths That Will Make You Wealthy, global real estate investor, Dolf De Roos will debunk this myth, and nine other persistent myths about the real estate market that keep most people from making big money in real estate-regardless of what the economist or the media elites have to say. Dolf is not a media expert, an economist or a “trend analyst.” He is an actual real estate investor-one who has made money investing not only in the U.S., but in nearly every major country around the world. So, while others are listening to the hype, make sure you listen and learn from someone who has made, and continues to make, big money in the real estate business.

In this program, you'll learn:

**The three most important rules in real estate.
**The role that baby boomers and millennials are playing in the real estate market.
**Why “fixing and flipping” real estate, is NOT investing in real estate.
**The role of “crowd funding” in real estate investing.
**The myth that real estate investing is too complex for the average person
**And much more!
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Jamie S.

There's not much information in this book. It's basically the author's rah-rah session for real estate. The "myths" range from absurd (real estate is over; it'll never go up again LOL) to contrived (you should buy tax lien certificates instead of buying property). The author also pivots at one point from discussing the idea of making money (which real estate can obviously do) to a focus on what he terms "building wealth," a seemingly straightforward idea that is made murky by him behaving as if income is unrelated to wealth. Clearly, income that is always spent doesn't add to wealth. The idea that buying real estate will lead to salary-equivalent (or surpassing) net passive income for the typical real-estate investor is just not credible. It's typically a supplement, and the author totally overlooks the extent to which leverage can come back to ruin you if you lose a tenant in a short time.

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Victor H.

I wasted 3 hours of my life

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Denesh B.

fantastic read

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Ana R.

very good tips on real estate investments

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