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The Terminal Man

Written by:
Michael Crichton
Narrated by:
Luke Daniels

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
6 hours 32 minutes
From the bestselling author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Sphere comes a neurological thriller about the dangers of cutting-edge medical experimentation.

Harry Benson suffers from violent seizures. So violent that he often blacks out when they take hold. Shortly after severely beating two men during an episode, the police escort Benson to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment. There, Dr. Roger McPherson, head of the prestigious Neuropsychiatric Research Unit, is convinced he can cure Benson with an experimental procedure that would place electrodes deep in his brain’s pleasure centers, effectively short-circuiting Harry's seizures with pulses of bliss. The surgery is successful, but while Benson is in recovery, he discovers how to trigger the pulses himself. To make matters worse his violent impulses have only grown, and he soon escapes the hospital with a deadly agenda....
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Jerzy M.

A slight disappointment. Very few technical details this time, and the plot reminiscent of any crime thriller out there. Tension is not equally distributed throughout the novel - for most of the time not much is happening, with an unexpected cummulation of events towards the end. The background facts about the state of science aged a bit (the novel is set in 1971), but not very badly. Overall, too much on the medical side to my liking - if you get nauseated when seeing blood this novel might be too much for you. Also, some of the voices the narrator puts on sound awful - it's like listening to heavily drugged or deranged people (think Gollum's voice from LotR movies).

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Peter Matthews

The background research and content of this book are fascinating and thought provoking, but the story is crammed with technical information to give Harry, the main protagonist, context. As a story the book is interesting, but very slow and laboured. I also felt the main characters actions were flawed and their actions or reactions unbelievable. My willing suspension of disbelief was challenged several times. But, I am still thinking about the consequence of imminent singularity.

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