The Enchanted April

Written by:
Elizabeth Von Arnim
Narrated by:
Lucy Scott

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
8 hours 17 minutes
Two unhappily married women, Rose Arbuthnot and Lotty Wilkins, respond to an advertisement offering a month's rental of a small medieval Italian castle. In order to defray the not inconsiderable cost of such a venture, two other ladies, Lady Caroline Dester and the formidable Miss Fisher, are invited to join them, and thus the four embark on their adventure. The ill-matched companions get off to a rocky start, but the delightful and spell-binding environment of the Italian Riviera unexpectedly brings them together.
Written in a rented castle in Portofino and published in 1922, The Enchanted April met with immediate critical and popular success, and has given rise to two films and a play. At the time of publication, The Nation and Athenaeum wrote: 'The beauty of San Salvatore is kept constantly before us with the greatest skill, and the humour of the author has never been more delightful.' Bursting with wit, this audiobook is sure to enchant modern listeners as they gradually learn more about each of its protagonists.
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