Thomas Merton on Augustine, Jerome, and Ambrose: The Philosophy of the Great Latin Fathers

Written by:
Thomas Merton
Narrated by:
Thomas Merton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
3 hours 23 minutes
Renew your faith as you learn about the founding fathers of Christian theology with Thomas Merton.

Three men laid the groundwork for Christianity’s philosophy, theology, and learning. Seventeen centuries later, a spiritual visionary taught gripping classes on these Church Fathers.

Why study the foundational texts of Christian thought? Merton prefaces his talks by answering this question. The foundational texts form the basis of the contemplative and learned life. The same holds true for anyone who wants to seriously explore the big questions of meaning, purpose, and values.

You will begin with an introduction to the foremost philosopher of Christian antiquity—Saint Augustine—and his classic On Christian Doctrine. Parsing Augustine’s profound theology into accessible talks, Merton shows you his core ideas. Before taking a deeper dive into Augustine, you will turn to the mystical humanism of Saint Ambrose. Next, you will examine St. Jerome’s letters, which rank among the most important Christian texts.

As entertaining as he is knowledgeable, Merton connects with students through humorous anecdotes. His passionate teaching will both inform you and instill passion for deep learning.
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