Written by:
Ted Dekker
Narrated by:
Chris Fabry

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
4 hours 47 minutes
Imagine answering your cell phone to a mysterious voice that gives you three minutes to confess your sin or you die. You have one huge problem: you don't have a clue what that sin is.

Kevin Parson escaped a twisted childhood and built his own life, leaving his bizarre past behind him. . .until his cell phone rings and a gravelly voice calling himself Slater tells him he has just three minutes to confess his “sin” or his car will be blown to pieces.

Kevin panics. Who would make such a demand, and what sin is he supposed to confess? Not sure what else to do, Kevin swerves into a parking lot and runs from his car. . . just in case. Exactly three minutes later, a massive explosion sets his world on a collision course with madness.

Obsessed both with Kevin's downfall and the number 3, Slater initiates a game in which Kevin must answer riddles to avoid Slater's destructive, murderous retribution.

From #1 bestselling author Ted Dekker comes a powerful story of good, evil, and all that lies between.

- The perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and horror in one psychological thriller
- Now a major motion picture!
- Also by bestselling author Ted Dekker: The Circle Series, Saint, and Sinner
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