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Today’s Spacemage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
6 hours 44 minutes
Thorn is back! The guilty will be punished.

The war they dismissed as nonsense, is now raging.

Jen needs Thorn. The military want Thorn.

Thorn is older and wiser, and he doesn't care what anyone wants.

He has a better hold on his growing power, or so he thinks.

The war calls, but there is unfinished business to attend to on the way.

Unanswered questions lead in strange directions, and a war for no reason, is only part of the mystery.

But through everything, Thorn carries two themes. The guilty will be punished, and there will be peace!

Yesterday was just the start.

Now he's Today's Spacemage.
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Shem B.

At first (i.e. 2/3rds of book) Thorn was too OP; however the endings shift to philosophy morality and ethics brought it back up to 3 stars. Debating if I’ll finish the trilogy.

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